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I am saddened to inform you that Ms. Eva Jane Bowman beloved mother of Ms. Arlene Speller passed today, Thursday, June 5, 2014 surrounded by her loving family. We all send our deepest condolences to Ms. Speller and her entire immediate and extended family in their time of loss. I will send updated information on funeral/memorial services as soon as that is available. Please keep the family in your thoughts and prayers today and in the coming days.
Respectfully Michelle Waldron Patterson on behalf of Ms. Arlene Speller & Family

Maryland Community Newspapers (Gazette) says it all about our program.
Click below to read the recent article.

Midshipmen help students become scholars
by Peggy McEwan | Staff Writer | 2/4/09

Here is another article from Gazette Newspaper.

Maintaining the principles of Benjamin Banneker
by Robert Dongu | Staff Writer| 11/19/08


Mission - The Benjamin Banneker Honors Math and Science Society (BBHMSS) is an organization whose mission is to improve minority students academic standing with respect to mathematics and science. An essential component of this process, that the BBHMSS addresses, is to reduce historical performance and achievement inhibitions within these two disciplines. While the emphasis is on mathematics and science, the ultimate goal is to promote the development of the total student who is academically motivated and responsibly focused.  The promotion process requires supplemental activities in economic development, leadership skills and problem solving strategies.

Tutorial Services - Approximately two Saturdays of each school month, students visit the United States Naval Academy located in Annapolis, Maryland where they receive one to two hours of tutorial assistance from volunteer midshipmen. In addition, the students receive hands-on experience on science projects and/or have the opportunity to hear a variety of inspiring lectures conducted by the Naval Academy professionals. During most sessions, students are mentored by the midshipmen. All registered students and parents/guardians are transported by bus to the Naval Academy and returned to Benjamin Banneker Middle school which is located at 14800 Perrywood Drive, Burtonsville, Maryland.

Economic Development - The BBHMSS economic development program is designed to promote financial understanding. Students gain training in basic economic terminology and concepts, entrepreneurial ventures, investment strategies and personal finance. Monthly economic development sessions are provided to assist students in this effort to increase economic awareness.

Significant Partners 

- U.S. Naval Academy
- Montgomery County Public Schools
- NIH/NIAID (National Institute of Health/National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases)
- NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)

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